Friday, May 26, 2017

DAY 252: Extra, extra, nothing to say...

Hello readers!

I'm sorry to report that since my last post, not much has actually happened. The weather's started to get warmer, the sun's not going down until 9 pm--I've mainly just been sending a lot of emails and writing up a storm. You can check out the published page of my main site, as always, but since my last post I've published a review of Tramps at BUST Magazine, a piece on David Sedaris' newest book Theft By Finding at PopMatters, a review of Camille Henrot: If Wishes Were Horses for this is tomorrow, and my fancy edited conference paper was published at The Learned Fangirl.  I also went to the Kunsthaus Wien this weekend for another review for the Humble Arts Foundation's blog of a cool photography show, so those should be published within the next few weeks. Exciting times!
Gotta soak up that sun in the yard of the Graphische.
So while I've been doing great on the writing front, it doesn't really translate to lots of exciting photos and stories. I also had strep throat, so I've been in my apartment drinking tea and getting over that, while watching Master of None on Netflix (late, I know), and catching up on my screeners of The Handmaid's Tale. I also got listed on Pajiba's Women/Nonbinary Critics of Film Twitter master list of a few hundred awesome ladies writing about movies. I'm in the company of Emily Nussabaum, Linda Holmes, and Mahnola Dargis--I just tweeted at the article's author at the right time and suddenly voila! (Hint: CTRL+F: "deborah")
On the way to I dreamed we were alive...
... in the bowels of the museum...
Sorry for such a brief, light post--I'll be going to Venice in a little over a week and that should be incredible--I've got my ticket to the Biennale and am stopping for no one!

David Sedaris' publisher tweeted my piece on his book!

... and LittleKuriboh retweeted my essay on Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged!
I haven't had a salad in so long, so I felt the need to document this one from Le Burger.

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